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Why eating outdoors makes you happy

  • A happier body

Everything works better when you are free of stress. When your body is ‘de-stress’, it is able to secrete the HCl into your stomach properly, which helps you break down your food completely, killing all harmful pathogens. This prepares your body so that it can absorb nutrients easily.

  • Nature soothes

Studies show that eating outdoors, along with keeping your heart healthy, can also decrease the level of stress hormones inside your mind and ease your muscle tension.

  • Breathe in, breathe out

The more you get outside and breathe the fresh air, the healthier you are. So, eating outdoors is an opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

  • Better quality of sleep

Dinner outdoors can help you improve your sleep quality afterward. The fresh air around you while eating and the laid back and relaxing approach to your dinner can help your mind and body feel rejuvenated.

  • In conclusion

Grab your Woody’s pizza, find your favourite picnic spot and start your year doing something good for your body, mind and soul. Because happy hearts and bellies is what we are all about!