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For the love of Pizza


Italian pizza. The real deal, guaranteed.


Local businesses support local communities.


Available for franchising opportunities.

Authentically Italian

Woody’s & Co was born to satisfy those who love quality woodfired pizza just like in Italy. We carefully select our quality ingredients, make our dough in-house and prove it for 48 hrs before cooking to perfection using Marana woodfired pizza oven.


The centuries of craft & knowledge of artisan pizza perfection is intrinsic to our services, products and process. Our Ital-English menu pays homage to our Italian heritage whilst embracing a refreshing and local community offering. With limited in-dining places available, we ensure that our pizzas are delivered by our drivers to your door subito or can be prepared ready for pickup in-store.


Our pizzas are as authentic as eating a takeaway pizza in Italy. That smell and taste of a perfectly cooked woodfired pizza at your door will only make you come back for more. Woody’s & Co is proudly brought to you by Enrico Sini, Claudio Lo Pinto (you might know them from Sale Pepe Pizzeria Brookvale & Seaforth) and a whole lotta love of Italian pizza making.